Taco Bell

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Scope: Remodel (K2Bold Reimage)
Architect: Looker & Cappello Architects Inc.
Size: 2,145 SF
Cost: Under $1M

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Job Description: This was a fast track project to meet a deadline before a franchisee convention. This store was to serve as a sample of what a "K" series store looks like when going thru the "Bold" conversion and how the project looks like during construction. This location was to serve as a showcase of what is possible in remodels going forward. The project was completed ahead of schedule giving the operator time to prepare for their convention. The feedback we received was very positive all around. On a first of a kind project there are a number of challenges to resolve. The support team we had to work with from Taco Bell was top notch and a pleasure to work with. The new interior design and furniture package looks great and will likely be used in upcoming reimage projects; it certainly gets a thumbs up from our crew who had the pleasure to make this project happen.

Testimonials: "The K2 bold execution was exceptional and I wanted to extend thanks to the team for the crisis like collaboration in bringing this store to life. It's hard to believe that the store was transformed in 28 days, but it just goes to show what can be done when we come together with focus and intentionality... A special thanks goes out to our execution partners who were instrumental in bringing this project to life... There is no doubt that this has given or Franchisees an opportunity to see the vision of what is possible within the great Brand of Taco Bell. Thank you all for your continued support and partnership in making our Brand the best that it can be." - Don Roberts, Design Director, Taco Bell