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The construction industry is truly a remarkable place. For those outside the industry it's hard to comprehend how many elements must align just right to complete any construction project. Craft performs nearly all trades in-house. By using our own crews we can deliver superior consistency, reliability and value to all our clients.

Over the years we have developed incredible teams, of very versatile, dependable, craftsmen.

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Restaurant Construction

Building and remodeling restaurants are jobs most contractors shy away from. Food and beverage businesses present additional challenges other contractors typically don't have the expertise to deal with.

At Craft, Restaurant Construction is our specialty. From the specialty fixtures in the rest rooms, to the beverage dispensing units in the lobby or behind a bar. From custom built pizza ovens to just the right amount of lumens to shine upon them; our crews have experience with it all.
Our teams are well versed in completing projects that are fully ADA compliant and that can pass every Health Department inspection with flying colors.

To date Craft has successfully completed restaurant projects in nearly every state from coast to coast.
Our services include:

  • Pre-construction
    •    Phasing plans
    •    Estimating
    •    Budgeting/cost-modeling
    •    Bid packaging
    •    Value engineering
    •    Subcontractor pre-qualification
    •    Status reporting
  • Construction
    •    Scheduling
    •    Quality control
    •    Safety management
    •    Subcontractor management
    •    Status reporting
    •    Change management
  • Post-construction
    •    Certificate of occupancy
    •    As-built documentation
    •    Commissioning/Warranty programs